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"I am a very satisfied customer. I came home to find the spring on my garage door was broken. I called 2 places and wasn’t able to connect since it was after working hours. When I called Action Door, Milton picked up on the second ring. He was able to come out to my place in a little more than an hour. 30 mins later, the door was repaired. Milton was polite and professional. I would recommend him to anyone."

Mike B.

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Very professional, knowledgeable, punctual and very reasonable. Will definitely recommend. He replaced my garage doors and door opener.


Amit J.

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Action Door Parts is dedicated to providing high quality and professional service to home owners who need help with their garage doors in Alexandria, Virginia. We provide installation services, repair services and maintenance for all types of garage doors in Alexandria. Whatever you need done, Action Door Parts is ready to meet and exceed your needs.

Satisfied customer! Was given Milton’s name from a friend who saw his name in their HOA discussion forum. Will definitely recommend his work–he and his crew repaired our original garage door with new wheels for the track and replaced other parts. Sounds like a new garage door. Reasonable rates.


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The Best Garage Door Installation in Alexandria Va

Why You Should Install New Doors & Why You Should Choose Us

When it comes to maintaining your home, many Alexandria residents think about repainting the exterior, installing new windows, or tidying up the landscape. Afterall, in the D.C. area, making sure your home looks great all year round is very important. But maintaining your home is more than just about making it look nice. You want to make sure that it is not only stylish, but functional and safe. And that requires more than simply focusing on the exterior of the front of your home.

Making sure that your garage is well-maintained is an essential part of the upkeep of your home. 

If your current garage doors aren't function properly or are looking a bit dingy or just plain out of date, then it's probably time to take some action to keep it in great condition.

Reason to Install New Doors #1 - Wear and Tear


It's inevitable. Everything ages. Including your garage doors. Over time, your garage doors will sustain wear and tear. Weather can cause your doors to sag. And of course, accidents can happen. Things like getting dents from cars or dings from bikes and other objects. Any kind of damage is not attractive and will detract from your other efforts to maintain the outside of your home. 

Reason to Install New Doors #2 - Update Your House's Style

Even if the doors of your garage haven't sustained any major damage, it still may be time for an update. Styles changes. Designs get better. Functionality increases. So what may have been the best ten years ago is now out of date. Or perhaps, your neighborhood's style has changed and your doors look really out of date. Or more simply, your style preferences have changed. A new color scheme or finish might complement your house better.

Reason to Install New Doors #3 - Security

It's not just about looks. Your garage is home to many, many things. Brand new cars, expensive equipment, storage items. And of course, it's a gateway to the inside of your home, so it's important to make sure that your doors provide an element of safety and security. Garage doors that give outsiders easy access can put not just your belongings at risk, but make the rest of your house and even members of your family vulnerable. Important security features such as sturdiness, locking systems, & automation are essential to making sure only the people you want on your property are on your property.

This is especially true for non-functioning or malfunctioning garage doors. When this happens, it's often time (but not always time) to trade them in for newer, more secure models. And we are happy to review your options and let you know the best way to proceed if it turns out that the best thing for your home is not a repair but a new installation.

As for why you should choose us...

We are professional, reliable, and affordable. It's that simple.

Very professional. Provided same day service to replace broken torsion bar. Quick repair with high quality, extra-strong parts. Service included inspection of the garage door, installation of new parts, adjustment of the door, and removal of broken parts. Extremely courteous and reasonably priced. Would definitely do business with Mr. Milton in the future. 🙂

William W.

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The Best Garage Door Repair in Alexandria Virginia

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

It is extremely important to make sure your garage doors are always in working order and that you don't procrastinate and wait to fix important or even seemingly minor repairs.

For example, that minor noise you noticed or seemingly minor issue you ignored could actually be a bigger problem. That big problem could lead to your garage doors being stuck. And, of course, it will happen at a very inconvenient time. Imagine, trying to go to work or attend your kid's big soccer game and not being able to get your car out of the garage because the doors are stuck.


Dealing with stuck garage doors is irritating, time consuming, and very stressful. Especially if you don't even know where to begin to fix the issue. Action Door Parts can get your garage doors working, we can also fix the smaller problems before they become bigger problems.

If you notice that gaps between the door of your garage and ground, then contact us right away. This kind of warping is common, caused by damage and just general wear and tear. But it's a big safety and health issue. Gaps between the ground in your floor can be an avenue of entrance for all sorts of interesting critters as well as intruders.

Common Repair Problems & DIY Solutions #1 - Opener Switch


Pressed the opener switch and the doors didn't open? Definitely frustrating. And here are a few solutions to try before calling us.

The Lock Switch is Enabled - Check the lock and disable it.

Unplugged Motor - Take a look at the motor (it's usually on the ceiling near a light) and check that's it's plugged up. 


Circuit Breaker - If the circuit breaker's been tripped, try resetting it.


Common Repair Problems & DIY Solutions #2 - The Keypad

Sometimes keyboard become faulty and stop working. So before you contact us you can look at these suggestions.

Batteries! - Wouldn't life be great if things were always this simple? Check the batteries and replace if necessary.


Reprogramming - Kind of how sometimes your computer or phone needs a restart, the same can happen with keypads. You can check the manual for directions and many times these manuals are online.

Antenna - Verify that it's pointing down so that the motor can receive the signal.

Gaps Between the Door & the Ground

Our Garage Door Alexandria Va Services Include:

  • Broken Springs

  • Opener Repairs

  • Insulation​

  • Broken Cables

  • Off-Track Doors

  • Keypads

  • Remotes

  • And More

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"Very professional job. Mr. Harrison delivered what he promised on time and at a very reasonable price. He called when he thought he was running late and he also added a strut (at cost) which will extend the life of our door. Highly recommend Mr. Harrison to anyone requiring a garage door repair. We will definitely do business with him again."

Craig B.

Affordable & Professional
Garage Door Repair in Alexandria Va


Garage Door Installation Alexandria Va Can Trust

Thank you so much for the exceptional job you did on the installation of the new garage door of my house. I could not have asked for a more prompt, friendly, and professional service. The work was completed very fast with no downtime or inconvenience to myself or my family. The garage door compliment the appearance of my home and it looks wonderful.

Jack M.

FAQs & Tips

Scheduling a Garage Door Repair Service in Alexandria Va?

Here are some common questions and answers.

How to Schedule Service????

To schedule your garage door repair or garage door installation service in Alexandria Va, just give us a call or fill out our contact form. We're friendly and we answer the phone.

Do You Do Free Estimates?


How Long Does It Take to Install a Garage Door?

It varies, but you should budget at least three to four hours, especially if you're replacing your old doors with something very similar. 

Garage Door Service Alexandria Va Prep Tips

There are several things you should do to prepare your home for any kind of garage door service. First, you should move your cars to the street. Preferably, far enough so that we can park as close as possible to your house. Second, make sure to clear out the front half of your garage. This way you can make sure we have enough space to work and there won't be any risk of damaging any of your belongings. And lastly, make sure your pets are securely in a different area. We love dogs, cats, and so on, so we want to make sure they are safe and out of the way.

We Are a Local Company

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Choose Us Because We Are Affordable, Friendly, and Fast


Do You Need Garage Door Installation in Alexandria Va?

We can do that. Give us a call. And if you need something beyond our garage door insulation Alexandria Va services, then please reach out to see if we can help.

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